Story: JUNIORS on the CLOCK

Learn More, Get Your Questions Answered

With 2007 finally here, juniors (Class of 2008) are closer to being “on the clock” for football recruiting. Signing Day for the Class of 2007 is February 7 and at that point you juniors will move front and center in the recruiting process. Parents need to realize that also.
To learn all that you can, prospects in the Class of 2008 should be making plans to attend one of Randy Rodgers’ Blue Chip Recruiting Roundups around the state in February. (See the Events Page of this website for further details—there is a registration form on the Forms Page).
A couple of key points to remember:

1. If you haven’t received a questionnaire from a school and you aren’t receiving any mail, you AREN’T getting recruited. You are NOT on their radar screen!
2. Even if you are receiving mail, it DOES NOT mean you are getting recruited. It only means you ARE on the radar screen.

For answers to more of your questions, attend a Blue Chip Recruiting Roundup or learn more by visiting the Programs Page of this website.