October is Critical to the Recruiting Process

If you are a senior, still getting recruiting mail, but not yet receiving an offer, the month of October is critical for evaluation purposes. Division I schools have made scholarship offers based on the evaluation of your junior tapes, spring practice performance, and camp attendance. If you are getting phone calls from college coaches right now, then you are being recruited. If the mail box is empty, be assured you ARENíT getting recruited, but if you are getting mail, but nothing more personal, it is time to get to work.
Anybody on the mailing list at this time of year is technically still ďbeing evaluatedĒ. The missing piece of information is how you are playing as a senior and the only way that question is answered is by evaluation. Either a college coach comes out to watch one of your games or practices (schools are limited by NCAA rules to six such days in the fall) or he sees you on video.
October is a critical month, because this is when the colleges are shaping up their recruiting lists. As a prospect you are either moving up the ladder toward an offer or moving down the ladder toward being told you are no longer under consideration. It is imperative that you give yourself the best opportunity to be thoroughly evaluated. Pick out the best two games you have played this fall and send those videos to the colleges who are still mailing you.
During the senior evaluation process, college coaches want to see entire games. They want to see consistency of performance, not your highlights. Highlights are extremely useful when used as an initial contact, but if somebody saw your junior highlights and was impressed, then they want to see actual game tape. DVDís are probably better than VHS tapes now, because college coaches can take DVDís on the road with them on the weekend and look at them on their laptops. If your high school has their games online, provide the link. A new company, College Coaches Network ( , provides high school video online, on demand, for those high schools that have joined their network.
Its October now, so get your video in the hands of the coaches who are evaluating you.