Story: Lone Star Kicking Challenge adds new event

By Randy Rodgers

The 2006 Lone Star Kicking Challenge is pleased to announce a new “TEAM” event this summer. With the competition moving to Texas State University in San Marcos and expanding to a two day event, a new team “SNAP/HOLD/KICK” competition is being added.

Players will enter as a three man team. Each team will be assigned to a four-team pool and compete in round robin format similar to the format currently being used in 7 on 7 tournaments. At the completion of the preliminary pool competition, teams will be seeded according to record and placed in a single elimination tournament. Each head-to-head competition will be judged on the basis of accuracy and snap-to-kick times.

The 2006 competition will be limited to the first 24 teams that enter. Teams must enter as “Teams” and will not be considered as “entered” until full payment is received. Payment for the SNAP/HOLD/KICK competition is separate from individual competition fees. Each member of the team must fill out the Lone Star Kicking Challenge Release form. (Players already competing in individual events do not need to fill out a second release form.)

Entry fee explanation:
If you are kicker and want to enter the kickoff and field goal individual events on Friday, it is $50. If you want to also enter the Snap/Hold/Kick competition on Saturday, you must enter with your team. The discount price for multiple events does not apply to the TEAM event. The same is true for Snappers.

Competition times for the various events are located below:

Friday, July 7
Kickoff Registration at 8 AM, Competition at 9 AM
Field Goal Registration at Noon, Competition at 1 PM

Saturday, July 8
Punting Registration at 8 AM, Competition at 9 AM
Snapping Registration at 8 AM, Competition at 9 AM
Snap/Hold/Kick Registration at 11 AM, Competition at Noon

To enter the SHK competition fill out the Lone Star Kicking Challenge (SNAP/HOLD/KICK) as well as the Medical Liability Waiver form, both of which are available on the FORMS page.