Process Speeded Up

 Earlier this spring the NCAA approved some changes to the Division 1 recruiting calendar.  The biggest change will be an EARLY Signing Day in December.  No longer will players HAVE to wait until February to make their final college decision.  That option is still there, but players AND colleges will have an opportunity to cement their commitments a full six weeks earlier.  

WE WILL HAVE A FULL DISCUSSION OF THESE CHANGES ON OUR FIRST FORD PLAYER OF THE WEEK shows on September 8/9. An outline of the new recruiting calendar is below:

Class of 2018:

Sept 1-Dec 17:  Official visits
Nov 16-Dec 17:  Contact Period 
Dec 18-Jan 11:  Dead Period
Dec 20-22:   Early Signing Days
Jan 12-Feb 3:  Contact Period
Feb 4:  Quiet Period
Feb 5-9:   Dead Period
Feb 7:  National Signing Day #2

Class of 2019:

Sept 1, 2017:  Correspondence only
Apr 1-June 24, 2018:  Official Visits for juniors
Apr 15-May 31, 2018:  Spring Evaluation Period
May 27-July 31--Summer Camps (each college limited to 10 days)
Sept 1, 2018:  See Calendar for 2018's.  

For questions/help with understanding implications, email or go to