Post Thanksgiving Contact Period To Start

             College football recruiting is about to heat up again.  Once the Thanksgiving Holiday has passed, college coaches will resume “on the road recruiting”, since the NCAA “contact” period has begun.  “Contact period” means that college coaches can now meet face to face with senior prospects at school or at home.  How does that affect the various groups?

            For those prospects already verbally committed, it means that the area assistant coach who recruited the prospect will be making a home visit.  It also likely means that the head coach of the committed school will also be making a home visit to “firm up” that commitment.  If the prospect is somewhat “shaky” in their commitment, the so-called “soft” commitment, the head coach will likely save his one and only off campus contact until he can really make it count.

            For those prospects offered, but not committed, the sales process is on.  Assistants and Head coaches alike will have the full court press on to gain a campus visit and eventually to close the deal.  This group of prospects commands the most attention from both college coaches and media, because the media (particularly the internet media) all want the “inside scoop” on where a prospect may likely commit and eventually sign. 

            For those players who have emerged during their senior season, it is a time for rediscovery.  College coaches spend most of their recruiting time during the fall season, concentrating on those prospects previously identified during the spring and summer.  But everybody is still looking for players and now that the assistants can get back out into their respective areas, they will visit schools and have time to watch video on those kids that have emerged this fall.  If you are a prospect that is in this category, it is essential that your “marketing” team (parent, high school coach, etc) accelerate the process of getting video into the hands of college coaches.  All the media hype and post season honors won’t count until a college coach sees you play.

            For other prospects seeking a college opportunity, realize that the sub-Division I schools are now in full swing for the first time.  The filtering process has begun.  Division IAA, II, III, NAIA, and junior college programs have a better idea of which players are available and now their coaches can spend time and money evaluating and recruiting those players