Ask For Feedback

By now the first round of college summer camps is over. Most schools have held at least one single day mini-camp and at least one multi-day camp. Most prospects have attended at least one or two camps. If you are a senior to be (Class of 2016) and you attended somebodyís mini-camp, you went for recruiting evaluation purposes. Do you know how you did?
Some players were offered scholarships prior to camp and went for the purposes of making some type of decision on whether that school fit their image of what a college football program would be like. If you that describes you, you could be in position to make an early commitment, which is exactly why schools offer you prior to summer camp.
If you hadnít been offered prior to camp and you did well, you might have been offered a scholarship. If that describes you, then your camp experience was exactly what you wanted it to be.
If you have been to camp and havenít been offered yet, then donít feel bad, because you are in the majority. But you need to ask for feedback from that school and particular the position coach who coached you at camp. How did you do? What kinds of skills do you need to work on the rest of the summer? Are you in the scholarship picture? What is the next step?
All those are legitimate questions and because you ďPAIDĒ for the right to camp at that institution, you are entitled to ask those questions. You always want to know where you stand and the only way you can know for sure is to ask. Be prepared for an answer you donít like, but it is better to know that a school really isnít interested so you can focus on those schools who are.
Armed with that knowledge, you are better prepared for the next round of camps.