Spring Evaluation Period Underway

             May is here and all the lead up to the college coaches getting back in the full swing of recruiting is complete.

 Since April 15, it has been permissible for college recruiters to be back on the road visiting high schools and evaluating players. Depending on what part of the country you live in and whether or not your state allows spring football practice will govern when and if those coaches come. In Texas, spring practices in the 4A and 5A schools have been underway for several weeks, so you have probably seen college coaches on the sidelines at practices. If you are a player at a smaller school, they have probably been by during your athletic period.
Starting May 1, college coaches have been allowed to call prospects on the phone. If you received a phone call already, interpret that as a very positive sign because you were one of the first kids called. Each school is allowed to call a prospect once during the month of May, but there is no limit on the number of times a prospect or his parents can call a coach or school. Since cell phone use is basically free at night, the air waves expect to be crowded.
All those recruiting letters that are form letter types and/or printed materials won’t count for much until a coach calls you on the phone, so following is a partial checklist of things that need to be done by the end of May.
  1. Have you written a letter or email to all the schools you  are interested in, letting them know you are interested?
  2. Have you filled out every questionnaire that has been sent you? Remember if those schools don’t have your home address and/or email, it will be hard for them to keep up the correspondence once school is out for the summer.
  3. Have you sent a junior video tape to all the schools that you are interested?
  4. Have you signed up for an ACT/SAT test this spring? Make sure you take the test before the summer begins.
  5. Have you signed a transcript release form and left it on file in your high school guidance office? That makes it easy for coaches to obtain and evaluate your transcript.
  6. Have you signed up with the NCAA Clearinghouse? Go to
  7. Have you begun to make a calendar of college summer camps that you might attend?   Anybody that calls you on the phone in May will be expecting you to come to their camp.
  8. Do you have a set of questions prepared to ask a college coach when he calls?
And most importantly: Have you and your parents sat down to discuss “backup plans” in case you aren’t determined to be a Division I or I-AA prospect??
Best of luck—It is an exciting time in your life—You have hopes and dreams, some which will come true and some which will not. So enjoy it, continue to work hard and study hard, and improve in all phases of your life.