Third Window of the Division I Evaluation Process

            The Spring evaluation period is now over, signaling the end of the second window in the Division I evaluation process. College coaches have been on the road since April 15 . They have been to high school practices and weight training sessions, track meets, and baseball games to try to evaluate players before heading home for staff wide recruiting meetings to compare notes and look at additional video tapes.

            Window #3 will soon open with summer camps on college campuses across the country. It is time for all prospects to get their schedules lined up. How do you determine which camps to attend, since most of you have been flooded with camp brochures since early in the year.
            If you have already been offered a scholarship and made a verbal commitment, you are probably planning on attending that school’s camp. It is a great opportunity to get to know and work with the coaches who will coach you during your college career. If you are thinking about attending another school’s camp, be aware that it won’t sit favorably with the school you have committed to and might cause them to withdraw their scholarship offer.
            If you have been offered scholarships, it is an excellent opportunity to compare schools, staffs, and programs and put yourself into position to make a verbal commitment. Be aware that if you attend a camp of a school that has offered you, they will be expecting you to make a decision after camp.
            If you haven’t been offered, you must make a decision on which schools seem the most interested in you, so that you can maximize your chances of getting a scholarship offer based on your camp performance. Base that decision on the amount of “personal” contact, ie, phone calls, schools visits, etc. If you have a favorite school that you have always wanted to attend, then by all means include that school in your summer camp plans.
            If you are an underclassman, pick out a couple of your favorite schools and attend their camps. It will be an opportunity to “get on the radar screen”.