Do You Have to be Invited

"Junior Days" are underway at most Division I schools.  What is a "junior day" and what does it mean?

Junior Days are considered "unofficial visits", that is , the colleges are not allowed to pay any expenses.  Prospects and parents are invited to campus to tour facilities, meet coaches and listen to presentations about the benefits of attending that university.  They are "by invitation only", meaning that college coaching staffs invite who they "want" to invite.  If you get an invite, that is a very good sign, and you should make every attempt to go.  If the invite comes from an out of state school, where travel is an issue, perhaps you can't go.  Those schools understand that, so if you can't go, RSVP with regrets.  There will be other opportunities.

Understand that when you step foot on the campus, you are being evaluated by the so-called "eyeball test".  Coaches want to see what you look like, what your bone structure is to determine growth potential.  If you are a player that has falsified your height or weight, you are about to be exposed.  Coaches also want to talk to you to assess your interpersonal skills.

If you don't get invited, realize that you are not very high on that particular schools prospect list.  That can change, but isn't likely til the college coaches come out on the road for the Spring Evaluation  period.  So its back to work in off seasonn to make yourself a better athlete and better football player.