Juniors--Start Preparing Your Hilite Tapes

Its November. Regular Season is Over. The Playoffs have started. College Coaches will soon be on the road. It’s a pretty exciting time of the year.

 If you are a junior and you have ambitions to play college football, its time to start getting prepared. Many of you have been receiving recruiting mail, but you have to realize it is primarily because schools know your name. If you haven’t been receiving mail from your favorite schools, don’t hesitate to contact them and tell them so.
The most critical part of the college recruiting process is getting thoroughly evaluated. That means college coaches need to SEE you play. All those newspaper clippings, statistics, honors, don’t mean anything when it comes to getting evaluated. A college coach wants to see your skills and if they haven’t seen you play live this fall, then video is essential. Sit down with your high school coach to get a realistic assessment of what level HE thinks you can play. Reach agreement on what both of you think are your two best games this fall and get copies ready to send out. In addition, most college coaches like to see a highlight tape (20-25 plays), so you need to get going on that. Today most high school video editing systems can easily mark and produce a highlight tape. Depending on the number of plays, you may have to edit it down. Start production of the highlight tape, as soon as your high school season ends (hopefully not til mid December). Your target date to finish production should be Christmas vacation, so that the video can be in the hands of college coaches when they start up again in January. Having your video online (through You-Tube or a similar service) makes it a lot easier and less expensive than mailing dvd’s all over the place. 
College coaches are interested in watching you play against quality competition, so the best thing you can do for yourself is play well enough so that your team can play another 5-6 games against playoff-caliber competition.