Recruiting Clock is Ticking For Seniors


            If you are a senior and still on the mailing list for some Division I schools, but have no offer yet, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is you don’t have an offer yet and other kids do. The good news is that because a school still has you on the mailing list, they are still interested in evaluating you. Those schools will be making some hard decisions by mid November, so the clock is ticking.
            If you haven’t already, send those schools a video of your two best games this fall. Don’t spend any time creating some elaborate highlight tape, because your tendency will be to wait until the “perfect” moment to finish it and send it in. Rarely does anyone get recruited on the basis of a highlight tape. Highlight tapes merely whet the appetite of a recruiter to see more tape. What they really want is actual game tape, because before anyone is going to shell out thousands of dollars of scholarship money, they want to know that the player is going to play at a high level on every play. It is pretty easy to put together a 20 play highlight tape, but what that could mean is that you only had two good plays in each game!!!
            I’d also advise contacting the schools to whom you plan to send a video, to actually determine if they are interested in reviewing it. Some coaches just don’t trim down their recruiting lists and lots of prospects remain on mailing lists until Thanksgiving and are unceremoniously dropped from mail lists. Better to focus on places that are actually interested in you, rather than hold your breath for offers that won’t ever come. 
            The 1AA schools are just now firming up their lists, so it is a perfect time to contact them. If you haven’t already contacted them, a highlight tape may be appropriate, but remember they too will want to see actual game tape. To cut down on mailing costs, you may want to create a video link or send your game tape to a professional service like College Coaches Network ( where coaches can review your video from the comfort of their laptop in their office.