Juniors--Get Signed Up NOW

            If you are a junior and anticipating playing college football, you need to start getting signed up to take an ACT or SAT test this spring. The dates are listed below, but remember you have to get signed up about a month prior to the testing date. Don’t count on being a walk-in. Make sure you see you guidance counselor to get signed up.

            When is the best time to take the test? There are two schools of thought.
  1. “Later is Better”—most high school guidance counselors will advocate taking the test at the end of your junior year, ie June. There is no question that you should score better, given you have completed your junior year of high school. That is particularly true in math and science. Counselors have an eye on your best interests as a “student”.
  2. “By March”—if you are a football player, realize that college coaches will be visiting your high school in April and/or May. When they come, one of their tasks is to obtain an unofficial transcript, so they can evaluate you as a student-athlete. If you haven’t taken an ACT or SAT, your academic portfolio will be incomplete.    If you take either the March SAT or the February ACT, you will have your test score back. If you take the ACT test in April, you will have your scores back before the end of the evaluation period in May. 
My opinion as a football recruiter is that if you want to be thoroughly evaluated by a college coach, then you need to take the test early. If you are a straight A student, it probably doesn’t make much difference, but with the amount of early recruiting and offering of scholarships to juniors, it might. Remember that for athletic recruiting purposes, you can “mix and match” your sub scores, ie., take your best Math score and combine it with your best Verbal. When it comes time for a college coach to decide between two comparable players, the one with the qualifying test score wins about 90% of the time, and the guy without any test score is at a distinct disadvantage.
      SAT:                January 23, March 13, May 1, June 5
      ACT:               February 6, April 10, June 12