Things will heat up September 1.

August is a fairly slow time for recruiting. College teams are in camp going through double sessions and their coaches are focused on team development. High School players are also going through their pre-season practices. Sleep becomes a priority for both coaches and players. In addition, “Quiet Period” contact rules are in place, with only postal mail and electronic communication permissible. As of September 1 that will change.

If you are a senior (Class of 2010) you fit into one of four recruiting categories:
1.         Some of you may have already been offered a scholarship and made a verbal commitment. Congratulations! 
2.         Some of you have offers on the table, but haven’t made a decision yet. The clock is ticking!
3.         Some of you are on mail lists, but haven’t been offered. Time for a reality check!
4.         Many of you aren’t receiving any mail. Time to adjust your goals!
This message is for  those of you in “Group 2”. September 1 signals the start of the fall recruiting period. College coaches can telephone each prospect once per week. YOU ARE GOING TO GET CALLS THE FIRST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER.
If you have offers on the table and you haven’t made a decision yet, please understand that you may not be the only player at your position that has an offer from that school. Colleges can’t sign everybody and they usually have a quota to sign at each position. When recruits commit, a position can fill up and if you are still undecided, you could be left out. Always know what the decision-making timetable is! Coaches will be calling you and likely pressing you for a decision. You and your parents better schedule some time to talk about your options before September 1.