New Program to Create More Recruiting Exposure

Randy Rodgers Recruiting and College Coaches Network ( a premier online recruiting service, have joined forces to increase the recruiting exposure of Texas high school football players. Focused on increasing national recruiting opportunities for more high school football players in Texas, the program is designed to maximize the direct connections provided by College Coaches Network and the recognized scouting expertise of Randy Rodgers.
“One of the hardest jobs for a high school coach is to promote his players who aren’t sure-fire Division I prospects,” states Rodgers. “For these Texas players wishing to play college football, the opportunity still remains to play at a very good Sub-Div I or NAIA program, but its hard for those players to make the necessary out of state contacts. Many of these programs have scholarships and need the Texas talent, but don’t have the budget to visit Texas, so they aren’t able to actively recruit the state. The result – opportunities for our Texas players are diminished and good college programs miss out on talent that can truly contribute to their success. By partnering with College Coaches Network, I think we are able to help high school coaches do a more effective job of marketing their players and increase the national exposure opportunities of their players. Through the CNN player profiles, college coaches have free access to a qualified list of Texas prospect athletes, can actually view their video and make contact with the players.”
"For many college coaches who want to look at Texas football talent, cost-effective and efficient access to players hasn't been easy to achieve. That's a limiting factor we can help them overcome and at the same time we can open more exposure opportunities for the players." said Matt Brandmeyer, owner and general manager of College Coaches Network.
For more information, log on to or call CCN at 866.426.3883 .