Practice Starts

Texas High School Coaching School is over, high school coaches have turned their full attention to the opening of fall practice and on college campuses, players are starting to report. For the football community, summer is over! Its time to go back to work and demonstrate that all the hard work done over the last eight months will begin to pay off.
What does this mean to the world of recruiting? It means that recruiting is going to grind to a virtual halt. College coaches will continue to drop emails and write letters, but for the most part two-a-day practices take precedence. Besides, most coaches and prospects are too tired at the end of the day to devote much time to recruiting.
September 1 will be the next bench mark day, since that will signal the start of all out mailing campaigns to the Class of 2010 and the restart of phone calls from college coaches to the class of 2009. What does this mean for recruits.
IF YOU HAVE ALREADY COMMITTED: it means that you should focus on having the best year you have ever had. Sometimes committed players mistake a verbal commitment for ďhaving it madeĒ and donít work as hard. Remember that nothing is final until you sign a National Letter of Intent in February, so donít get lazy and blow your scholarship. Donít think you are too good to get coached by your high school staff. Donít get in trouble, Donít let your grades slip. A college staff has as much right to withdraw your scholarship as you do in decommitting.
IF YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED, BUT HAVENíT COMMITTED: Expect college coaches to press you for a decision, when September rolls around. You have had plenty of time to ďconsider your optionsĒ. Those coaches will want answers and if you canít make a decision, they will go on and recruit other players at your position. Schools can only sign 25 players per year and those offers donít all last until Signing Day. They are going to ask, so you better have an answer.
IF YOU HAVENíT BEEN OFFERED, the schools that call you in early September will be wanting game video from your first couple of games. Make sure you have some to send by October 1, donít take time to make highlightsóthose coaches want to see consistency of performance. Hopefully you are in great shape, because sloppy performances caused by fatigue in early games wonít impress anybody. You need to work your tails off in pre-season practice to make sure you are playing at playoff-level intensity in game 1.