Time to Accelerate Your Training

With both the 2008 Lone Star Kicking Challenge and the State 7 on 7 Championships both in the record books, the Texas High School Football community will next turn its attention to the Texas High School Coaching School in San Antonio July 27-20. Football practice is less that a month away and the Zero Week seven weeks away.
For the players its time to fine-tune your game. The college camps are almost over for this summer and recruiting will grind to a slow crawl during the two-a-day practice period in August. Most players have attended multiple camps and learned a lot of new techniques. Watching 158 kicking game specialists this past weekend reinforced my opinion of how much work there is to do.
If you are a kicker or punter, you need to go back to your coach and work on the little things that will make the difference in your season this fall. In summer camps you can have a bad snap or a bad kick and get a “do-over”. Its like hitting golf balls on the driving range—you think you are only as good as the last one you hit. Once games start, there are no “do-overs”. One bad snap, one shanked punt, one missed field goal, can make the difference between winning or losing a game, and one loss might keep your team out of the playoffs. So it is time to smooth out any faults in your technique before practice starts and fatigue becomes your companion.
Speaking of fatigue, if you are a position player, it is time to accelerate your fitness training, particularly your cardio work. Don’t wait for your coach to “whip you into shape”. The best conditioned teams have the advantage in early games and the best conditioned athletes are the least susceptible to injury. You big linemen need to get out of the air-conditioning and out on the track. If you are a senior to be and you are depending on your early season video to put you into position to earn a college playing opportunity, every game must be the best of your career.