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Changes Ahead for Rodgers Recruiting Report
With September now here the Rodgers Recruiting Report heads for the last rodeo. Owner Randy Rodgers announces the 2014 season will be his last on the road evaluating players. “Sometime this fall I will go over the 500,000 mile ...full story
Red Shirt, Green Shirt, Gray Shirt, Blue Shirt
What do these terms mean??

College athletic teams frequently assign athletes designations such as red shirt, gray shirt, green shirt and blue shirt as part of their recruiting, eligibility and scholarship strategy. While red shirt athlete is a very familiar term in ...full story

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Jan/Feb 2014 | check local event times

Blue Chip Recruiting Roundup tour will kickoff again this January with recruiting education workshops around the state of Texas. Events are planned for Lubbock, Dallas, Houston, Central Texas, and Tyler. For the   11th year Randy ...more info